Subscription Benefits 

When you join as a member of Do it Yourself Grants you are provided with the necessary tools and resources that professional grant writers use on a daily basis. Below is a list of benefits you will receive by joining Do It Yourself Grants.


Grant Profile
Each of our members have an online profile that needs to be completed. Once your Grant Profile is complete a copy is sent via email to our professional grant research department. Your grant profile is key to help match you up with the proper funding sources. Completing your grant profile can be done online in less than 30 minutes. Once we receive your profile we will start the funding research step.

Funding Research
As a member of Do It Yourself Grants we offer grant funding research to each client. Your grant research is created from your grant profile and funders who are willing to give grants to your type of entity. With your 12 month membership you will receive detailed grant research. In your research you will find the amounts of grant funding, The Company who is giving away the grant award, the terms and conditions of the grant award, the person in charge of the grant funding and local address and contact information. After we do your research you can start using Letter Writer Pro 2.0.

Letter Writer Pro 2.0
Installed in the member section of Do It Yourself Grants is our software feature called Letter Writer Pro 2.0. This allows you to create an industry standard LOI or Letter of Intent or Inquiry. The base of the letter is already complete all you have to do is fill in the blanks and print. This feature is so easy to use that anyone can create and prepare an award winning LOI within minutes. The LOI is one of the key elements in getting funding.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Board
Our professional research team locates several RFP's that provide the grant funding award amount, deadlines and information needed to instantly apply for the grant. This research is golden in the grant writers industry. These are grants that are open to the public to apply for. This feature in most cases will bypass the letter writing process. Some of the RFP's still require a letter of intent or inquiry before applying.

Grant Writers Database
Within Do It Yourself Grants we have a database of credible grant writers who have track records for grant funding. The way our grant writer system works is when you receive an RFP from an entity we will match you up with the best possible grant writer for your project. Each of our grant writers have special grant writing talents for different types of funding. We have done all of our research and screening to find the best grant writers with the best track records for your project.


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